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Bike highlight | HKR EVO2-S

Enter into the world of racing with the Krämer EVO2-S

With prices starting at only £14,650.00, the Krämer HKR EVO2-S has been developed as the entry level model and is ideal for any track day enthusiast or to compete on race day.

But even as the entry level model the HKR EVO2-S still comes equipped with an impressive performance spec. Powered by the latest KTM LC4 690 engine with 80hp at the crankshaft, the EVO2-S model includes a high flow cylinder head, ultra-light piston and high strength connecting rod, all fed by the Krämer hi-flow intake system.

The EVO2-S power band is 1000rpm wider than the stock LC4 with more mid-range and top end power, combined with the latest balancer shaft to make the big single smoother than ever.

The Chassis: Made from chrome moly steel, the frame is designed to be both lightweight and strong, with the stiffness and flexibility of a true race chassis. The fuel tank is made from hi-tech XPE and doubles as the subframe, keeping the fuel low and central and well balanced, for optimum weight distribution. XPE has been used as the ‘go to’ material for factory Dakar bikes, its strength and durability far outweighs steel or aluminium and comes in with absolute minimum weight. 

WP Suspension and Brakes: The 43mm WP front forks come with adjustable rebound and compression damping. The Xtrig triple clamps (yokes) come with adjustable offset enabling the rider to tailor to their own requirements. The rear WP shock also had adjustable damping. A rigid underbrace swing arm finishes of this impressive, fully adjustable suspension.

The front Brembo M50 four piston caliper and 320mm Motomaster disc give more than enough brake to stop this lightweight thoroughbred. The rear brake uses a 220mm Motomaster disc with a twin piston caliper.

In summary, HKR EVO-S is the ‘must have’ super lightweight, competitive track bike, ideal for track days or in competitions.


2023 Krämer EVO2 S Race bike is now available to order - Orders are now being taken for Spring delivery!

For more information about the Krämer EVO2-S, upgrades or alternative models, email or call Eddie on 07824 165760.

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