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Krämer Motorcycles | GP2-890RR

Krämer Motorcycles Announces the new 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR

Krämer Motorcycles is proud to announce the latest addition to its lineup of purpose-built track motorcycles: the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR supersport.

The peak of performance, the new Krämer GP2-890RR debuts with class-leading specifications, including the best power-to-weight ratio in the category, with 138hp on- tap and a ready-to-race weight of 142kg.

The highest evolution of the highly regarded GP2 platform, the RR-spec brings traction control and wheelie control to the offering, along with improved aerodynamics and refined chassis characteristics.

A limited-edition motorcycle, only 125 units of the Krämer GP2-890RR will be made for the global market, with each bike’s edition number engraved on the triple clamp.

“The Krämer GP2-890RR is the pinnacle of what we are capable of achieving with our GP2 racing platform, and therefore it is the first bike worthy of an ‘RR’ designation from our factory,” explained Markus Krämer, CEO and Founder of Krämer Motorcycles.

“We are immensely proud of the Krämer GP2-890RR and what it represents for our team, as it showcases our current level of capabilities as a motorcycle brand. The GP2-890RR is the perfect way to start this new chapter for our company, as we get ready to open our new factory and debut our new corporate branding.”

Propelling the Krämer GP2-890RR to the front of the pack is an 889cc parallel-twin motor from KTM, which produces 138hp (101 kW) at 10,100 rpm and 74 lbs•ft (100Nm) of torque at 8,200rpm. An increased redline of 11,500rpm comes to the GP2-890RR as well, thanks to new lightweight engine internals and advanced engine management software.

Designed with true German engineering, the centerpiece of the GP2-890RR is its chromoly steel-trellis frame, which provides exceptional stiffness and rigidity, while helping bring the GP2-890RR to a staggeringly-light racing weight of 142 kg.

Additional weight savings comes from the unique fuel cell design, which uses a rotationally molded plastic fuel tank that doubles as the bike’s tail section. The fuel cell carries a maximum of 4.2 gallons (16 liters) of fuel, and holds it in an optimized position for weight distribution, even as the fuel level drops over the course of a race.

Befitting a motorcycle of this caliber, the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR is equipped with premium components, including dual Brembo Stylema calipers, forged aluminum Dymag wheels, and top-shelf WP Apex Pro suspension pieces. 

“A no-compromises race bike, the Krämer GP2-890RR exemplifies what is capable when your sole focus is on pure track performance,” said Jensen Beeler, Global Head of Sales at Krämer Motorcycles.

“We invite racers, track day riders, and the competition to come experience the Krämer GP2-890RR on the track, to see where the high-water mark has now been set in the supersport category.”

Available starting in September 2023, the Krämer GP2-890RR will be the first motorcycle to roll off the assembly line at Krämer’s new factory in Burghausen, Germany. It will also be the first Krämer motorcycle to carry the company’s new logo design, marking a new decade for Krämer Motorcycles.

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